…a Guide to your Best Day at the Faire…

This weekend, at Arisia, besides all the panels and movies and interesting people, I’m also going to break out some time to work on three manuscripts that I have in various stages of development.

The first is “the Swans of War” and I posted an excerpt from that last week (Watch Out for Swans)

The second is a book for people who go to renaissance faires, one that can help them have their best day at the faire possible, whether it’s their first time or whether they’ve been going for years.

Here’s a clip from that book

“As you walk through the faire, there’ll be a lot of things going on. There’s a show on that stage over there.  A cannon may fire over the next hill. Here in the lane, a shepherdess is asking people if they’ve seen her missing sheep. And in the distance, you can hear the sound of drums and bagpipes.

You won’t see everything in one visit. You can’t possibly; so relax and enjoy whatever speaks to you. Sit down at that stage, watch small children smiling while they pet the jouster’s horse, or wander around the next turn in the lane to see exactly what’s happening with those drums anyway.
Relax. You’re on Renn faire time…

You’ll get more people time too. In the outside world, we keep our distance, eyes front, and never talk to strangers, like we’re all living in an elevator. At a faire, it’s different. Interesting people in colorful costumes will talk to you, and try to involve you in the strange but delightful world you’re visiting.  Most faires have a storyline that will be running throughout the day, and you may find yourself an observer of or even a participant in that story

There’s more eye contact. More adventure. More surprises. More people talking in a medieval style. You may even be flirted with by a hero or a villain (and there’s more on that in future chapters.)

There’s also more entertainment, both of kinds you may have seen before, and ones that may be new to you. Watch for singers, dancers and musicians, but you can also see jugglers, fire eaters, animal acts and magicians, to name but a few folk. Live entertainment is a whole different thing from that recorded on a little screen.

Most of all, at a faire you’ll find more fun. The faire has the familiar, the unusual, the funny, the romantic, the astonishing, and it’s all there to give you the best day possible. It’s not a one size fits all universe, but there’s plenty to choose from to suit just about every taste.

All you have to do is get started.

Welcome to the faire.”

I’ll be writing, re-writing and editing this one and getting it ready for my beta readers,

And I’ll be letting you know about my third project soon.

Happy writing. Happy reading

Catherine Kane


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