What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads your manuscript at some point during the writing and editing process and helps you to make your writing better. They are usually (but not always) not professional editors who do this for a living and usually beta read for free.

Things beta readers can help you with includecat sitting looking at laptop

  • grammar,
  • punctuation,
  • fact checking,
  • research,
  • story flow,
  • sentence structure,
  • whether your story or nonfiction writing makes sense to someone who doesn’t already know what you meant to say,
  • and other useful bit of information like that.

A beta reader usually gets involved after you’ve written your rough draft and edited it one or more times. He or she is there to help you polish the work, not write it.

A good beta reader is like gold to a writer…

But what makes a good beta reader?…

Catherine Kane


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