And Yet More Enthropy…

Last Tuesday, I told you the sad tale of my dying netbook (Darned Enthropy!)

On Thursday, I told you how, after wrestling with Windows 8 on the new laptop, I’d gotten feedback from a lot of folks that I would be happier with Windows 10 and that there was currently a free update available.  ( A Follow Up on Enthropy)

Well, here we are on Tuesday again and it’s time for yet another update on the conflicts of enthropy and technology in my life at present.

People kept saying I’d be happier with Windows 10. (Friends of friends. My boss at work. Folks in tech shops and book stores.)That it was far closer to the Windows xp that I was used to than windows 8 was. That there was currently a free upgrade from 8-10

That it’d be easy.

Given the 8 was obnoxious, that we hadn’t loaded that much yet, that I’d only started learning 8 so I’d be losing less effort, this was an update that seemed to make sense- and, having an open weekend, we started it on Friday evening

and all heck broke loose.

Things would work and then they wouldn’t. We couldn’t find the browser FB and email kicked in and out.

At last, in desperation, we searched our local tech store on our tablets(the only electronics reliably working) and found a laptop with 10 already loaded at a decent price.

When we called up, the nice girl I spoke to said that computers with win 10 loaded in worked well, but a lot of folks were having trouble with the upgrades. That’s a relief-it’s good to know that it wasn’t only us.

So here I sit behind a computer that’s twice the size of my old one and piecing together the programs and systems that I worked with before/

How’s your week going?

Catherine Kane


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