Cautiously Working My Way Back- Update

Well it’s been another week of electronics enthropy and of recovering from same. Here’s more on the continuing saga.

  • Husband Starwolf’s computer power supply  had died and, it being a rare type, it was hands with laptop typing in nightdifficult to find a replacement that didn’t require along trip in questionable weather or take up to a month to ship, as well as costing the earth. After 3 weeks of looking, with lots of promises but little follow through, we gave this up as a bad task. I did a search and found that the computer I’d gotten last Sunday was back on sale this Sunday, so for Valentine’s day, we drove cross state to get a sale computer, open box, that was pretty much identical to mine ( and saved $75  in the process)
  • While he’s getting his systems running, I’m continuing to get the feel for Windows 10 (since I was previously rocking XP, it’s a big jump, especially for someone tech challenged like me)
  • Finished reading Windows 10 for Dummies, tagging tasks I want to do as soon as I can to personalize my computer and improve performance. A  forest of orange sticky tags are waving at me from the top of the book.
  • Have installed Microsoft Office, including Word 2016 (another big jump, as I was previously using 2007)
  • Am working my way through Word 2016 for Dummies
  • Catching up on my blogging and am adding pictures.
  • Am bookmarking more frequent use site as they come up
  • Have just been asked to do some beta reading for a friend and fellow author.

I still have to transfer my files, work my mini-tasks,  read Word for Dummies and get back to working on my latest book, but I feel I’m making progress. Given that we’re also dodging crazy weather and  getting ready for Wicked Faire, I’m happy with this.

Looking forwards to getting back to the writing part soonest though…

Catherine Kane


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