Find Time For Writing -Ready To Roll

Some people write at home. Some people find that doesn’t work for them. There are people at home who want your attention. All those responsibilities that make us feel guilty for taking time to write. All of those distractions that seduce us away from the keyboard. All of the busywork that we think will take “just five minutes” and suddenly it’s two hours later and we’re out of writing time.

On top of that, some people find that a change of scenery makes it easier to slip out of their everyday roles and put on their writer caps.

If you’re someone like that, you may find that you write more and better when you’re someplace else. A library. A coffee shop. Your fortress of solitude

The problem with this is that “writing elsewhere” can take more time. That’s writing time, and if you want to make this work for you, it helps to have a plan.

  • Try different options and identify what’s your best “away” writing location. Considerations include access to outlets, how comfortable you feel in the setting, can you hangout there for awhile, do you have access to caffeinated beverages if you need them.
  • Have a back up writing spot  for when your best one  is unavailable
  • Take into consideration how long it takes to get  to your writing spot and how difficult it is to get there. Each minute you spend traveling is time you could be writing and you want to get the best deal that you can for your time.
  • Know the opening and closing times of your spots and other information that might affect your access (library closed on Sunday? Coffee shop jammed between  8-10 in the morning and a spot to write hard to get?)
  • If you may need to do research while you write, does your spot have Wi-Fi availability?
  • Some spots are great for writing but as  full of your distractions as your home is. Think  about whether a sound system and headphones would help you to stay more focused on your writing, and, if so, load those tunes in advance.
  • Most writers have certain supplies that they need when they’re writing(computer, scratch paper, extension cord, etc.) Set up a bag or pack that can hold all of these supplies and keep it loaded in advance with everything you need that you’re not also using at home. This means that, when it’s time to bail out to your writing spot, you unplug the computer, put it in the bag and you’re ready to go because everything else is already packed.

When you like to write at an away spot, having a plan and being ready to work that plan, can mean more time for writing and less for working it out as you go along.

And that time is golden….

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from Catherine Kane


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