Beta Readers- What Makes a Good One?

We looked at negative characteristics for a beta reader (Beta Readers- What Makes a Bad One?). Now lets look at what makes betas better?

You want:

  • basic literacy. Understanding of grammar, spelling and punctuation. A beta doesn’t have to be perfect, but they should know the basics.
  • someone who understands story telling and can tell a good one from a bad one.
  • someone who enjoys reading.
  • someone who likes the genre you’re writing and knows how that genre works.
  • someone who not only knows something’s wrong (or right) but can figure out what and how to explain that to you.
  • someone who gives clear and concrete feedback. “This bored me” tells you nothing, but “There was an awful lot of conversation and going over the same things over and over, but very little action.” tells you not only what didn’t work for the reader but where you can start fixing it.
  • and you need someone who’s neither too nasty or too nice, either extreme can do damage without helping your writing, but a good writer can give you clear and useful feedback without drawing blood.

Not all beta readers will have every one of these characteristics, but these are the ideal points you want to be looking for when you’re looking for a beta reader.

Speaking of which, where do you find beta readers?…

Catherine Kane


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