Getting Ready for My Beta Readers

….so, as I said yesterday, I’m in the process of editing, and for the least couple of weeks, I’ve been editing my current manuscript to get it ready to send out to my beta readers.

That may surprise some folks. Aren’t the beta readers supposed to give you feedback that Creative partners working on computer at their deskcan use as part of your edit?

Well, yes… and no…

My beta readers are an important part of my editing and polishing process and help me make my writing the best that it can be. They do everything from catching spelling and punctuation errors, to letting me know where I haven’t explained things as well as I thought I had to giving me new ideas and ways of thinking about the points that I’m discussing, and that’s all very useful feedback.

So when they’re giving me the gift of their time and insight, I want to make sure that I weed out as many problems or mistakes that I can see first, so they’re in a better position to spot the things that I can’t see

And so I edit that rough draft manuscript. I edit it until it’s as good as I can currently make it. And then I send it out to my betas and wait for their feedback. I take that feedback and decide what fits in with what I’m trying to accomplish and what I’m grateful for but I’m not going to use. And then I edit again

Stayed up into the wee smalls last night, finishing my third editing pass, and then sent my chapters out this afternoon

and my feedback is beginning to come back….

Catherine Kane


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