Beta Readers- Where to Find Them

So where do you find good beta readers?

There are some people who say that you should never ask family or friends to be your beta readers. This is based on the idea that people who know you will either

  • be too nice, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, or
  • savage you like sharks because they’re trying to prepare you for a cruel and uncaring world.

By themselves, neither of these approaches is useful because it tends to leave out actual useful feedback  that you can use to improve your work.

But you know what? I think that’s poppycock. Most of us have people in our lives who are so nice that we can’t get a straight answer out of them. Most of us have people we care about who are overly snarky. and most of us have people that we can go to for straight but kind answers. (and if we don’t, we need to get people like that.)

and, if we think about it, most of us know the difference.  So don’t ask for feedback from the folks who are too soft or too edgy- look for the Baby Bear setting and choose people whose advice is just right…

You can ask family or friends if  they understand writing, are reliable in getting back to you and will give you a straight answer. You can ask other people with those characteristics too.

That being said, look for people with those characteristics in:

  • Family,
  • Groups of friends,
  • Writing groups,
  • Critique groups,
  • Online writing groups,
  • Or swop off with a writer friend.

There are professional services available out there too.

Look for folks with the characteristics of a good beta reader, and, when you find ones that meet your needs, hold onto them like gold.

Catherine Kane


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