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Well, here we are at Camp NaNo, and one of the first tasks that I set myself was to write a synopsis of the story that I had in mind and to post it on the CampNaNoWriMo  website.577442_3521710873755_1617833526_n

And  I was reminded once more of how tricky it can be to do a good job of summing up  a good size story in a bite sized blip.

Writing a synopsis is Hard! It’s fairly easy to tell a story if I can have all the time, and the energy an the words I want to spin my tale, but distilling a  complex story down to its most essential elements, without getting too serious or pompous or mechanical is a  hard thing and you  have to make sure when you focus that you’re focusing on the genuine heart of the story, or your flawed filter can send you off on a trip in the wrong direction and leaves your story vaguely unsatisfying without your being able to figure out why

I spent three days, in between pounding out the words of the story, before I finally got to a synopsis that I think will lead me the right direction into my story and tell readers about where we are going…

John  and Caitlyn loved working together at the renaissance faires. They loved the color of the faires, the drama, the comedy, the romance and the adventure. They loved the strong, creative and unique people that made up the caring community of the renaissance as well, and how that community pulled together in good times and in bad ones. They devoted themselves to working at faires and to being an active and positive part of that community as well.
But on one particular day, something horrible happened. And everything changed.
Can life separate you from the people and places that you love? Or can a devotion to a dream overcome any obstacle that arises?
The flesh may well be missing, but the spirit is strong…
So how do you write a synopsis?

Catherine Kane


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