So Camp NaNowriMo is Over…

…and you’ve got a couple of choices now.

You can :

  • throw the words you wrote in April in a closet or a drawer or some other dark and hands with laptop typing in nightmysterious place and leave them there until such time as you can stand to look at them again.
  • dive immediately into editing with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart, or
  • you can strike a point somewhere between the two extremes.

I’m taking position three myself. I’m tidying up April’s work a bit (dumping unneeded words, tidying up the typing a bit and so forth) and then putting it aside to age and mature a bit (like a fine wine or a good cheese). When next I pick it up, because the story has had a chance to marinate in my mind a bit, both the characters and the plot will be a bit deeper and richer, and I’ll be seeing story points that I hadn’t before because I let it rest a bit.

Meanwhile, I’ll be turning my attention back to the book that was on hold when Camp NaNoWriMo started. I’m in the period of sending my book on renaissance faires out to my beta readers and waiting for the input to come back, and it’s been long enough for me to start processing and working with the feedback I’ve received.

Don’t stop writing – but do let the present story rest if it needs to, and write on something else while this story is resting. Keep those words a-flowing….

Catherine Kane


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