…and the World Goes Nuts…

Was doing a little writer maintenance after Camp NaNoWriMo. Tidying up what I’d written12180792_10153705594124375_16463828_o so far. Thinking about the next step in the current work in process. Following up on outstanding feedback from beta readers. Ya know- like you do.

…and suddenly the world went nuts…

More assignments at work. More problems caused by other people or by the electronic system that had to be untangled. Health challenges from allergies, and lack of sleep, and various sources of stress. Multiple projects calling to me. getting ready for commitments that are suddenly bearing down on me like a herd of wild gnu….

and the writing that I was enjoying slips out of my hands and falls away…


Remain calm.

Life is sometimes (and often, often like this) Most of us have full lives and can’t afford to retire to a garret and write fulltime. At that point, we need to be aware of how to write when there’s no time to actually write.

  • Mentally think about your characters, and get to know them better.
  • Watch the world around us for things that can later inspire a story episode or be written in as is.
  • Plot out where our story or book is going next. Look at the writing structures and see if things should be moved around to take more sense.
  • Look for opportunities to publicize or sell your books in the future.
  • Think about what our goals are for what we’re writing, and what we can do to support those goals.

There’s lots of ways to still be writing when time to sit down at the keyboard is short. Remember to keep writing, even when there’s no time to write. Even when the world goes nuts…

Catherine Kane


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