Putting Our Heads Together

Had a friend comment that discussions of writing had dropped off in an online writer’s group we both follow. There was a higher percentage of posts of contests and classes and places that needed writing, but a lower amount of posts just discussing writing in general.

Hmm. Well I think that we can do something about that…54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800

So I’ve started doing a writing question of the day in that group. Something general each day, something where  there’s lots of different viable answers so we can try and get some discussions of writing started again.

My objectives are

  • to encourage more discussions of writing
  • to look at the different ways that people approach different writing issues
  • to create a buffet of approaches on each question, so that we may ad tricks and techniques to our own tool kits
  • to get people thinking about their writing and how and why they do things
  • to learn from each other
  • to build up a collection of knowledge so that new people can search “writer’s block” or “self publishing” and there will already be a whole collection of input conveniently gathered together for them
  • to have alternatives to answering the same question over and over
  • to try to encourage some of the more shy members to get involved in the discussion
  • to enjoy myself
  • to examine my own process
  • to better myself as a writer and help others improve themselves as well

Big goals with just a question a day. What questions might you suggest?

Catherine Kane


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