Position is Everything- From the Ground Up

Last week, I wrote a post about how good body positioning is important for successful writing. (Position Is Everything)

I said that I’d write a few posts about ergonomics for writers and how to position yourself so you can write for long periods without causing pain or distraction- and this is the first post.In expectation of miracle

Lets start from the ground up. he first step is that you want seating that lets you  place  your feet flat on the floor. It’s ok to move your legs around while you write, raise one foot up so only the toes are touching, cross your legs and uncross them if you like, but if your toes are dangling, your  hips will be pulled forwards, your back will be stressed and, if you write for long periods of time, you’ll probably end up achy all over, without knowing quite why.

To make your whole body comfortable with staying in position to write, start by adjusting your chair or choosing a seat that lets you place your feet flat on the floor whenever you want to.

More ergonomics will be coming

Catherine Kane


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