Position Is Everything- Get a Leg Up

Writing is a mental activity, but writing is also a physical activity, and if you don’t pay In expectation of miracleattention to your body while you’re writing, you can end up hurting- and that can interfere with your writing.

Last week, I talked about positioning for your feet to keep your body in good alignment while you write. (Position is Everything- From the Ground Up) This week, we’re moving up the body and looking at your legs and hips.

We’ve looked at having a chair that lets your feet touch the floor, so your body stays in good alignment. Next let’s look at seat depth. You want a chair where the seat depth is the same or slightly less than the measurement from the back of your knee to the back of your pelvis.

If your seat is too deep, you’ll end up slumped backwards to let your back touch the back of the seat and that can give you terrible back aches. If you’re seat’s too shallow, you’ll feel like you’re perched on the edge of a ledge, which can result in a lot of muscular tension, leading to fatigue and pain. The shallow seat can also tip you forwards onto your toes, causing you to rise up on tip toe and leading to cramps in your feet and calves.

Any of these positions leads to pain, which can make the amount of time you cam write short, and can even lead to long term health problems.

You also want to be positioned with your hips flexed at a 90 degree or wider angle. If you bend your hips more than a right angle to sit, it’ll be harder to stand up and your muscles are more likely to cramp up.

And so, to inventory

  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Knees and hips at 90 degree angles
  • Seat deep enough that your back reaches the back of the chair without slumping backwards.
  • Enough seat for you to sit securely on.

Next time, we’ll get back….

(Previously Position is Everything…  and Position is Everything- From the Ground Up)

Catherine Kane


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