Position Is Everything- Got Your Back

We’ve talked about why positioning important for writers (Position is Everything). We’ve talked about positioning for your feet (Position Is Everything-From the Ground Up). we’ve talked about positioning for your hips and legs (Position Is Everything-Get a Leg Up)In expectation of miracle

Now lets talk about positioning for your back…

Your mother was right, you know, when she told you to sit up straight. You don’t have to sit up ramrod straight, but long periods slumping, being hunched over or sitting twisted can lead to back pain, and even back injury; chronic or acute, can interfere with lots of different functional skills in your life, including thinking and writing.

Plus, it’s no fun to be in pain.

Now any prolific writer can spend a lot of time bent over a keyboard, and if your position is poor, you can do yourself a mischief. So, what can we do to prevent that?

  • Place the keyboard on a surface where you are sitting up in a relaxed stance as you type, neither bent over nor straining upwards.
  • Place the keyboard so that you’re facing forwards, not twisted to the side.
  • Listen to your shoulders. Stop and stretch your shoulders backwards and arch your back slightly on a regular basis.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel yourself starting to stiffen up, hit a stopping point, stand up and stretch, and, if you need to, take a quick walk to stretch your legs too.

Remember to keep your back relaxed but straight, so you don’t give yourself back pain while you write.

Catherine Kane


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