Position is Everything- a Fare Well to Arms

We’ve talked ergonomics for feet, legs and back, and now it’s time to talk about your arms. Good positioning for arms is essential while writing- it prevents repetitive stress injuries and lets you write for longer times.

When writing, you want your armsIn expectation of miracle

  • to be parallel to the ground or slightly flexed.
  • shoulders should be relaxed and low- if your shoulders are hunched or locked in place, your keyboard is too high, you’re too tense or you’re a vulture 9and what would a vulture write?)
  • key board should be positioned so the fingers are pointed down to type
  • wrists should be in a neutral position, neither excessively flexed or bent back (we’ll talk more about wrists in the next post)

to get this position, you may have to adjust the height of your desk or swop it for one that fits you better. One way of changing the height of the keyboard slightly is to open the middle drawer on a desk and placing the keyboard on that may lower the keyboard enough to get amore relaxed position

Next time, I’ll talk about wrists and carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the biggest physical challenges in the world of writing.

Catherine Kane


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