Position Is Everything- It’s All in the Wrist

One of the biggest physical problems that writers have is carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that can result in crippling pain and may require surgery to correct- and one that is very preventable

Hows that?

Lets start here. The carpals are those itty bitty bones in your wrist and they all fit together with a hole in the middle (the carpal tunnel). Lots of nerves and blood vessels go  through this tunnel to help your hand do what your hand does, such as typing

Now many folks were taught to type with their fingers arched way up high and their wrists bent way back towards the back of our hands. Holding your hands like this for long periods of time can compress or strain the tunnel and the things running through it, especially if you’re doing things where your fingers, hands or wrists are experiencing resistance (things like hitting keys)In expectation of miracle

Furthermore, once the tunnels’ been strained, things running through it tend to swell which makes the tunnel even smaller.

How do you overcome this?

When you type, keep your wrists level or slightly flexed, not arched high to the back

Let your fingers point downwards as opposed to arching them up high

Put something under your wrists to raise them up or lower your keyboard if you need to to stop bending your wrists backwards

Pay attention to your wrists and, if they start to hurt, take a break

Avoiding the positions that will irritate that carpal tunnel will help resolve or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, if you haven’t already done more serious damage

There’s an old joke that goes “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this!” and the doctor says “well don’t do that no more!”

Carpal tunnel syndrome is like that, so take care of your wrists so they can take care of you.

Catherine Kane


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