Camp NaNoWriMo Rebel Update

Up the rebel alliance!

As I said in a previous post (Camp NaNo Rebel), during this round of NaNo, I’m going theRomantic woman using laptop rebel route. I’m taking a partially completed manuscript (a previous Nano, to be exact) and trimming away surplus words, adding more necessary storyline, rewriting weak parts, setting and achieving goals for making this a more readable story and in general, editeditediting.

In short, I’m taking  part of a story and moving it in the direction of a full one. Moving the story along

It’s turning out to be an interesting experience. The support of NaNo is keeping me going, but some tasks are still more challenging than others.

Still, the Swans of War is underway again, and I’m looking forwards to getting it to the point where it can stand on its own feet…

So, how’s your writing going?

Catherine Kane


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