Writer’s Withdrawal

I’m suffering from writer’s withdrawal right now. Allergies and other things were acting up over the weekend so I felt hungover, but I still crawled to the keyboard and dove into another writing/rewriting/editing/ translating sweep on The Swans of War, my next urbanCeltic Knotwork 007 fantasy.

Got about halfway through and, while health wise I felt less than optimal, I still felt pretty good because I was making progress on my writing.

and then the work week started and things went downhill.

For the last few weeks, things have been more difficult than usual. There’s been a lot of systems that haven’t worked the way they were supposed to work and needed to be kicked. A lot of people taking their time on doing that thing that they said they would do. A lot of people making messes for me to clean up. A lot of hurry up and wait.

Now all these things are normal things that we know happen in everybody’s life, but a lot of this kind of thing seems to be piling up all at one time, kinda like a traffic jam of challenges.

Is Mercury retrograde?

And the end result is that, while I open the manuscript every morning, between all the picking up and following up and reminding and re-doing details, I’m not actually  getting the chance to  work on the story.

Darn it. That’s frustrating- especially after making good progress in the not so recent past.

Deep breath. This too shall pass and I’ll be writing again soon, but for now I’m going to have to settle for thinking about where I’m taking the story next as I drive from place to place and being as efficient as possible and finding spaces to tuck some writing into.

What do you do when life gets in the way of your writing?

Catherine Kane


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