In the Company of Writers

Writing is a solitary act, they say- and that’s true. A lot of writing is done alone with your thoughts and the story that your characters are telling you.

Creative partners working on computer at their deskSo, yes, writers spend a lot of time holed up alone with our keyboards and our stories, but every now and again, we emerge from our caverns, our hermitages, our garrets and our ivory towers, blinking confusedly at the sun (what Is that big yellow thing up in the sky, anyway?….) to take a break

And at times like these, it is good for writers to be in the company of other writers..

  • Writers speak the language of writing. You can talk to them about your triumphs and challenges without wondering if you’ll sound crazy. Most of the time, they’ll get it.
  • Another writer understands the drive to finish one more chapter, find the right word or phrase,  sort out that dangling sub plot. He’ll get why that’s important.
  • Other writers can serve as great sounding boards, to bounce your ideas off and help you find your own solutions.
  • They’ll also have approaches that you never thought of. It’s like having multiple writer brain.
  • And it’s fun to find your tribe and hang with it for a bit before you crawl back into your cave and start writing again.

Yes, writing is a solitary activity, but it’s good for writers to spend some time in the company of other writers. It’ll make you a better writer yourself.

Catherine Kane


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