In the Company of Writers- Beta Readers

Creative partners working on computer at their deskWe’ve talked about finding your tribe as a writer-

We’ve talked about finding your writing buddy-

Now lets talk about that very special writer friend- the beta reader.


A beta reader is a person who reads your manuscript during the process of writing/rewriting/editing it. He’s a different set of eyes who’ll catch things that you miss because the writing is already in your head but not all of it may have made it onto the page.

A beta reader may read for

  • typos
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • sentence structure
  • story line
  • missing parts of story
  • missing points

and other things that would keep later readers from understanding and enjoying your story.

It’s good to do preliminary edits and rewrites on your writing before you send it to the betas, because they’ll catch the stuff that you’ve missed so you can fix it before you head towards the finish of the publication process.

Different betas will be good at different aspects of the process. It’s important to know your betas so that you can ask the ones you need to help you with your different works

When you find a good beta, respect him or her and treat him lke gold- because a good beta is worth his weight in gold

Love your betas and let them help you make your writing better

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Catherine Kane


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