Games Writers Play- Random Ninjas

Feel like your story is getting old or stale? Fantasy fairy tale book

Feel like it’s going in predictable directions?

Even worse, has your writing ground to a halt altogether?

Remain calm, and try this game writers play

Take a random item, or activity, or plot thread and throw it into your story, whether it fits there or not. Then, try to keep writing in a way that incorporates the ninja or backs you out of the corner that you’ve painted your self into.

Thinking outside of the box or breaking the pattern you’ve built for yourself and for your story is  a good way to freshen up stale plots, get your words flowing and bring new life to the zombie tale.

You can always trim your ninja out once it’s served its purpose, but try going off on a tangent and see if that wakes your story up

Happy writing

Catherine Kane


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