Itty Bitty Writing Space

Been taking a writing course about productivity for writers, and one of the things that it’s got me thinking about is the space that I write in.

I live in an itty bitty house, and many of the spaces in this house have to serve double, triple or even more uses. This means that my writing space is small, multipurpose and packed full of things all higgledy piggledy as they’ll fit. My writing space is also the

  • computer space.Romantic woman using laptop
  • printing space.
  • sewing section
  • paperwork for my day job space
  • back files storage
  • records and contracts for out of home psychic space
  • gift storage
  • book stock storage
  • reference section
  • sewing and craft supplies
  • music section
  • miscellaneous home records
  • one of many home libraries
  • and on and on and on

Now, the nature of our living space is that we need to have multifunction in most areas- but I still need to have a space that supports my writing, effectively works for that process and helps me to keep on task-

and so I’m giving some time this week to analyzing my space, clearing out things that belong else where, cleaning and tidying for a more peaceful and positive environment, rearranging things to better support my writing, clearing with intention to let the words and the books flow in  and making this more of a writing space.

how’s your space?

Catherine Kane


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