In the Company of Writers- and Non-Writers

We’ve talked about being in the company of writers, and writing buddies, and beta readers as well; but there are other people  in the world of the writer. All of us spend a lot of time Creative partners working on computer at their deskwith people who are not writers. Family. Friends. Co-workers. Random people we meet at parties.

They may like us. They may love us. They may not- but it’s important to know that they may not totally “get” us.

  • They may not understand why you’re up til 4 a.m., finishing a rough draft.
  • They may not understand why you’re not going out to dinner, or to the movies or to a party because you need to stay home and write
  • They may not get why you’re so excited that you’ve finally nailed the perfect way of expressing a concept.

And that’s ok.

While it’s great if we understand each other, we’re actually not in this world to totally “get” everyone that we meet.

The important thing is whether they accept that this is who you are and you accept them for who they are.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who support your writing, whether or not they totally “get” it, and it’s important for you to value and appreciate the people who do.

We need to be in the company of writers, because they speak our language. We need to be in the company of non-writers because, even if they don’t get us, they’re people who can care about us and support us too.

Catherine Kane


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