No Chains on Me – Know Your Readers

So as self published and indie authors, we’re talking about where we can sell our books, since it’s frequently hard to get them into the bricks and mortar stores of the big book chains.

One good place to start is to ask yourself two magic questions. They are

  • “Who are my readers?” and
  • “Where would people who’d like my writing hang out?”

Let’s start with the first question.

Most writers would like to think that their audience is “everyone!!!”  but the truth is that there are few books that actually fit this idea. If you’re writing a non-fiction instruction book about petit point, it’s probably not going to interest many people who are into extreme sports. If you’re writing a funny romance novel, it’s probably not going to speak to many hard driving business achiever types.

(Please note that I’m saying probably. It’s surprising sometimes to see who reads what, but when we’re talking about ways to sell your books and increase your sales, it’s best to know who your target audience is and play to your strengths…”

So take a moment, sit down and thing about who you think would be your reader.

Male or female? How old? What kinds of things does your reader like, other than your writing?

Get a good picture in your head  of your reader. Knowing who you’re writing for will not only do a better job of writing for your readers, but also give you ideas for where to look to sell your books….

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Catherine Kane


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