My Late Night Morning Writing Routine…

Have noticed that a lot of people who are teaching writing or productivity or productivity in writing tend to share  a particular belief. They all say that you should write in the morning, and, if you need to, get up earlier to get that writing time in.


They all have wonderful reasons for it.

  • Get your writing in before life interrupts you
  • Get your writing in before you get distracted by other things
  • Get your writing in before you run out of steam
  • Get your writing in before your head fills up with the concerns of the day and you have no brain cells left for writing
  • Get up before your family/friends/pet aardvark so they won’t distract you

And so forth

I’ve even seen a number of them say “don’t worry- your body will adjust…”hands with laptop typing in night


And that all makes sense, and will probably work for some people, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. As I like to say, this is not a one size fits all universe, and you’ve got to look advice and see whether it actually works for you.

As a for instance, I have chronic fatigue syndrome and asthma and allergies. In my particular case, the result is that I am not a morning person. I usually wake up feeling hung over to a greater or lesser extent (which is a good trick as I do not drink) and it takes me time to get up to speed. I can write in the morning, but it’s harder work for  more flawed and edit-needing results.

And getting up early only makes that jet lag worse…

The best time for me to write, on the other hand, is late at night, when the world is asleep. I’ve been up for awhile, and I’m usually at my most calm, centered and focused. My head has cleared as much as its going to. The husband and my side of the world are asleep, so there’s less distractions, both in the physical world and energetically- and so I sit myself at the keyboard and I go to town. I write faster and better at such times, and my creative mind is wide awake and coming up with all kinds of interesting ideas.

So I’ll be doing a late night morning writing routine…

Don’t get me wrong- I think that  all of those teachers are giving excellent advice. It’s just advice that’s not for me, and one of the secrets of getting where you want to in life is knowing what will work for your unique self and what will not and choosing what works, whether it’s what the experts tell you to do or not.

I hope you find good teachers, I hope you learn great things and I hope you know yourself well enough to take from that learning the knowledge that will serve you.

Happy writing

Catherine Kane


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