Games Writers Play- Story Mash-up

There are lots of classic theme in stories Fantasy fairy tale book

  • the battle of Good vs Evil,
  • boy meets girl
  • the hero’s journey

and so forth.

Here’s a way to use those themes to build your story telling skills

Get some index cards and write  a classic theme in stories on each one of them. Shuffle them and pick two or three- and then see what kind of tale you can create that melds the two together

  • a pirate with a terrible secret faces ninja accountants with secrets of their own
  • girl finds romance during the zombie apocalypse
  • an armadillo goes to the big city and makes a success of himself

Finding ways to combine unlikely elements makes you mentally stretch outside of your comfort zone, which strengthens creative thinking and breaks you out of clichés, and those are skills you can use no matter what kind of story you’re telling.

So shuffle, deal, and then build that story out of unlikely partners

Ready… set… go…

Catherine Kane


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