No Chains on Me- Think Local

So, you’ve identified who your readers are and thought about the kinds of places where  they might hang out. Now that you’ve got that information, think about what local stores, shops and facilities might be a good match for that. Your book belongs in bookstores, but there are other places where it might also sell.

For example,

  • if you’re writing about weight loss, your book might be a good match for a spa, a beauty parlor, or a health food store.
  • If you write science fiction or fantasy, your books might also belong in a gaming store or hobby shop
  • If you write metaphysical books, your book might go well in a new age shop,  a health food store or a rock shop
  • If you write self help books, they might sell well in a woman’s center, a health food store or a spa.

Big chains don’t usually want to carry indie books, but small local shops may be willing to sell books you supply for cut of the take. You provide the hard copies and they pay the wholesale price or take them on consignment.

If you’re going to try local stores, call and politely inquire if they would be interested first (ask to speak to the person in charge.) If they’d like to talk about this, schedule a visit, bring hard copy they can look at and copies to leave if they want to take them right away, and have your numbers ready, preferably in writing. Be professional and, if they say no, say thank you and walk away ( a “no” now might become a “yes” later on)

so think outside the box and find additional places that your book might greet the world

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Catherine Kane


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local shops that might be a good match

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