Blog Ahead (Writing Quick Tip)

Are you writing a blog but having problems writing enough material day by day? Have 54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800problems getting started?

Then try writing a series and blogging ahead.

Know the theme of your blog? Pick one concept or area of concern within that theme and think of a series  of connecting posts or points you’d like to make about that. As an example, I’ve got a series of posts about ways to find time to write.

Studies find that many people prefer information in small  chunks. Break your points into small concepts (I find 300- 500 words is a good length) and take a chunk of time to write and save a bunch of them. If you’re writing them one after another, you’ll get in a rhythm, which lets you get more writing done in the same amount of time. Placing links to the other articles in the series makes it easier for people who like one to find others, and also makes your posts more visible to search engines

Once you’ve written your series, you can

  • post one immediately
  • schedule others for future dates, and
  • hold some in reserve for times when the magic just isn’t coming.

By writing theses posts in series, you’ll write more faster and build up a pile of posts for now and future use- and that can make it easier to post on a regular basis

happy blogging…

Catherine Kane


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