In the Company of Writers – Readers

Creative partners working on computer at their deskWe’ve   been talking about writers and how they interact with others

  • writers with other writers
  • writers with writing buddies
  • writers with beta readers
  • writers with non-writers

But there’s another  group of people that writers have to think about, and that’s readers.

Who are your readers? What makes them your readers? What things can you do to satisfy the needs that bring them to your writing ? How can you reach out to your readers and to gather more readers?

There’s one subgroup of writers who write for their own benefit, because they get something out of putting words down on paper or on the screen. That’s great, but, in it’s fullest form, writing is a connection between a writer and a reader, and you need to think about your readers’ needs when you are writing.

  • what brings readers to your writing?
  • are you meeting those needs?
  • are you writing in a way that is clear to your readers?
  • are you giving them enough words- neither burying them under a wave of words or leaving important things out?
  • are you finding ways to reach out to the kinds of people who’d like the kinds of things you write? (If they can’t find you, they’ll never read you…)

Think of your writing as a two way conversation between you and your readers. What are you doing to hold up your end of the conversation?

Catherine Kane


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