All Things Must End…

Things begin.Beautiful view from arched passage

Things end.

and other things begin…

It’s the circle of life…

and on that note, I will no longer be working at CTRF. For all of you, patrons, vendors, cast, volunteers and assorted other good folk,  who’ve shared the adventure and made it wonderful over the years, thank you for being part of that adventure and I look forwards to seeing you in other places in the future


Catherine Kane


For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better”, “The Psychic Power of Your Dreams”, “Magick for Pennies” and her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”, all from Foresight Publications, click here

and for the Kindle version of Manifesting Something Better, click here

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