Bed Rest

Been fighting off a nasty cold for the last couple of weeks- the type that keeps being aura-eyesdriven out and then returning when you think you’ve gotten it beat. Sore throat, congestion, fatigue, body aches- all the bells and whistles that make it hard to put my words together in a coherent sentence.

So what do you do when you want to write, but you’re too sick to make it work?

Writing support work-

  • You drink lots of liquids
  • You think about your latest writing project and where you want to take it next
  • You blow your nose
  • You dream program to come up with solutions to plot holes
  • You eat chicken  soup and spicy things
  • You catch up on various articles you’ve been meaning to look at  on writing, editing, marketing your work
  • and most of all you read, read, read; because if you’re not up to writing, the next best thing is to read things in the same genre to warm up your writing chops for when you’re back on your feet again

I have one more work day, and then an open weekend to sleep, get better and get started writing again.

How’s your world going?

Catherine Kane


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