No Chains on Me- Think Outside the Box

It’s not always easy to be an indie author. We’ve talked about thinking about who your readers is and looking for local outlets where they might hang out. Now let’s think outside the box a bit and expand the places that might be interested in carrying your book.

  • if you’re writing about weight loss, your book might be a good match for a spa, a beauty parlor, or a health food store; but it might also fit a gym, certain kinds of clothing stores or shops that sell athletic equipment.
  • If you write science fiction or fantasy, your books might belong in a gaming store or hobby shop, but also might be a good fit for a youth center, a nature based store or a self help program, depending on your theme
  • If you write metaphysical books, your book might go well in a new age shop,  a health food store or a rock shop- but books on meditation go well with stress management programs and books on crystals can be a good match for certain kinds of jewelry stores.
  • If you write self help books, they might sell well in a woman’s center, a health food store or a spa, but they can also work well in stress management programs, business seminars or shops for children (with the books aimed at moms) depending on your slant.

Know your reader, and give some thought to places he or she might hang out besides the most obvious. That place might want to carry your book.

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Catherine Kane


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