Sometimes It’s Bad…

When you do NaNo, you write fast and you write a lot- and at some point you’re going to hands with laptop typing in nighttemporarily lose your delight in the process. Things will look stale. Things will look cliché.

Indeed, the odds are good that at some point, you’ll feel like you’ve written a whole bunch of crap…

Don’t get discouraged. The point of Nano is to get the bare bones of the story on the page, and there’ll be points where they don’t look good. That’s ok- once you’ve got the bare bones down, later on you’ll go back and dress them up and rearrange them and polish them and make them far more beautiful and professional,

but if you don’t get those bones down first, you won’t have anything to work with.

Nobody’s perfect, and most things need a lot of work before they’re ready to take out in public. Give yourself permission to write poorly, as long as you keep writing. Indeed, give yourself permission to write crap, as long as you keep writing.

You can make it beautiful later. That’s what revision and editing are for…

Catherine Kane


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