We All Have All the Time There Is…But Sometimes…

Yesterday I talked about how we all have  all the time there is and that we all have the time hands with laptop typing in nightto write, if that’s where we put our priorities

But sometimes, your priorities have to shift.


  • you’re sick
  • you have a family crisis
  • the power goes out and you have no light to write by or computer to write with
  • there’s a work deadline that has to take precedence

and stuff like that there.

Sometimes you have all the time there is but you have to give it to something other than writing.

That’s why I’m posting on Saturday and Sunday this week- using up my time and running out of energy.

and when this happens, there are a few things that it’s important to remember

  • know where your priorities are
  • be sure to listen to your body. Take care of yourself so you have the health and energy to do the things you want to do (like write)
  • get back to writing as soon as you can
  • don’t beat yourself if you have to change your priorities temporarily
  • do the most important thing first
  • know what’s most important to you
  • get back to writing as soon as you can
  • let good enough be good enough

and most of all, as soon as you can, write on (but if you have to do something else first, do it and then write)

Lets get writing

Catherine Kane


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