We Live in Challenging Times…

2016 has been a tough year overall for me, and I hear that it’s also been tough for a lot of other people; and now, with the election results and the uncertainty and fear so many people are feeling, the world can seem very dark and uncertain.

That’s why Thanksgiving is importantSpirit Stage

It’s a reminder that there are still good things in the world,. That there are things worth being thankful for. That in darkness, there is still light. That, while there are reasons for fear, there are still reasons for hope. That where there is hate, there is also still love

This Thanksgiving, besides the big Thanksgiving dinner, take sometime to look for what’s working in your corner of the world, for what’s right

and then find ways to feel grateful for the good things still in the world all around us- and keep your focus there in the days to come.

Happy Thanksgiving

Catherine Kane


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