Read Something Different- Writers

We talked about why it’s good for readers to have genres they favor and why it’s also good for readers to sometimes read something outside of those genres. Let’s talk now about reading and writers.

All of the reasons that a reader might benefit from reading outside of their normal territory (see Read Something Different- Readers) apply to writers as well, but there are additional reasons why a writer might want to venture out side of their comfort zones and read something different.

When a writer reads something different, he

  • may use his brain in different ways to process information that is unfamiliar to him (which may lead to new ways of thinking and writing)
  • can experience different writing styles
  • can see different ways of organizing information
  • may learn bits of information that may be applied to his own genre
  • may get flashes of inspiration that may lead to new paths in his own writing
  • may find new genres he wants to write

It’s important for a writer to read. It helps build better writing skills.

It’s helpful for writers to read an assortment of things. It builds a wider variety of skills.

And it’s good for a writer to read outside of his accustomed areas of interest. It can lead to skills that he wouldn’t have gained in any other way…

Catherine Kane


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