Read Something Different- But You Don’t Have to Read It All…

We’ve talked about how reading something that falls outside of your usual reading topics can benefit both readers and writers, and ways to do this affordably so that you’re more free to try new things.

and now, I want to share a great secret with you; one that I didn’t learn until much later in my life.

You don’t have to read the whole thing…

No, really….

When I was young, I believed that I had to “give a book a fair chance” that if I picked it up and started to read it but wasn’t enjoying it, I had to soldier on, perhaps in the hopes that the last chapter might somehow be a funfest or there would be some great life changing pearl of wisdom on the last page…

But that isn’t usually the case.  Most writers are fairly consistent, and, if what they’re writing about is saying nothing to you or even (heavens forbid) putting you to sleep, they’ll probably go on that way throughout the book. You may something interesting or useful in a book that lies outside of your usual territory, but you don’t have to give enormous slices of your life away to books that just aren’t speaking to you.

That’s one reason why experimenting in an affordable way is helpful- if you find a particular book is not your cup of tea, it’s far easier to say “that was something”, close it, put it in the pile for the used book store and go on to something else if you haven’t made as big an investment in it

(and remember, if you don’t like this book about physics or fashion or 13th century pottery, it may mean the topic’s not for you, but it may also mean that this particular author is not your thing…)

So,  set your limits- ten pages, a chapter, twenty minutes, of when you’re going to stop and evaluate whether you’re going to continue- and don’t feel guilty if you don’t

It’s good to try different things but you’re not required to love them all

Catherine Kane


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