Blustery Weekend on the Way…

In my part of the world, there’s a cold and weather-y weekend on the way. Sub-zero temperatures Friday. Mixed snow and rain with accumulations on Saturday. And slightly warmer but still chilly rain on Sunday

Sounds like a great weekend to be snowed in to me…

A weekend where you plan to stay in and take care of those other things you’ve been meaning to do is a good thing. A weekend where the weather encourages you to do so is even better.

To make the most of a snowed in writing weekend, you want to prep. For me that includes gassing up the car, stocking up on snack food, and picking up an iced mocha on my way home (gonna need that caffeine!)

Once you’ve done the out of the house preparations, it’s good to make yourself a written list of things you want to do while the snow falls (it’s very easy to get lost in the timelessness of falling snow)

I’ve got some last Christmas prep to do and some laundry and I also have two manuscripts that need more sections written and editing started. If I have a list to clean up the dialogue for the first ten chapters and rewrite the final confrontation scene, I’m far more likely to pop up on Monday with wrapped gifts, finished chores and manuscripts that are far closer to a readable state.

so how about you? What’s the weather like where you’re at, and can it help you to write?

Catherine Kane


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