Time Travel (Games Writers Play)

Are you stuck? Have you written yourself into a corner? Just can’t figure out where your story is going?

Why not try time traveling to get your story going again?Romantic woman using laptop

Settle yourself comfortably in a place and time where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and relax.

Picture time laid out ahead of you like a road or the infamous time line we’ve heard so much about. Picture yourself floating up out of your chair and floating forwards along the time line (Tardis noises optional) until you’re some time in the future. Picture your floating self settling back into your chair in the future and picking up the finished copy of the story you’re presently working on.

Turn to the page where you stopped or got stuck. How did you resolve the problem you’re having now?

Look your resolution over carefully, so that you’ll know how to deal with it when you get back, and then picture yourself putting down your writing, floating up and out of your future chair and returning to the present.

Take a deep breath and connect with the present. When you’re ready, open your eyes- and start typing

This may sound peculiar but it can really work to break you out of the blocks and obstacles you may face as a writer. It works from the idea that there is a solution and gives you a way to find it

So the next time you’re stuck, try taking a little trip through time- and bring back a great story…

Catherine Kane


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