It’s Time to Make a Laundry List

Sometimes I write like a maniac. The words flow out of the keys and pile up on page like shoppers at a salehands with laptop typing in night

Sometimes I don’t

But whenever I have one of these “writer on fire” attacks, there’s always work to do afterwards

  • Spelling to fix
  • Missing words to add
  • Plot holes to fill
  • Corners to write my way out of
  • Awkward words
  • Awkward scenarios
  • Things that could be expressed better

When I’ve got a whole lot of words that aren’t quite ready for a full edit yet, I find that a laundry list helps

I open a fresh document, give it a catchy title like “Urban Fantasy  Fix It List ” so that I can find it again, and then run through my rough rough draft, making notes on my laundry list of things that need fixing

  • does the name of one character change several times?
  • is an ending weak?
  • is a sentence unbearably awkward and unreadable

This gives me a good framework to go back and fix/write/rewrite things without missing key points

so what’s on your laundry list?

Catherine Kane


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