Sometimes You Gotta Just Stop and Think…

…and sometime the Universe will help you out with that…

In expectation of miracle2016 was a rough year for me, and 2017 was setting up to be challenging in different ways. Life speeding up. More stress factors. Familiar comforts stripped away. Trying to keep too many balls in the air.

In the midst of this, I’ve really wanted to write, but with more change, more stress, less energy and more health problems, and  increasing demands on my time, writing time kept getting cut down or squeezed out.


and then, it happened…

On Monday, the phone rang while I was getting out of bed. In the process of running for the phone, I tripped and face planted  against the corner of an old family beureau, one where the wood had aged until it was hard as iron.


Once my eyes stopped watering, I went off to the doctors with an enormous lump on my forehead to get checked out; frustrated because I’d planned to spend my day off writing, not sitting in a waiting room

Once I got home, my forehead and face began to turn a rainbow of vivid bruise-y colors and the swelling began to spread into my eyelid. Not only was it tender, but I found myself as the day progressed, unable to open my eye enough to drive safely.

At this point, ice became my friend. Ice and staying home because I wouldn’t be safe on the road.This continued for 4 days, until my eyelid deflated enough that I could open it with using my fingers or doing the Spock eyebrow thing.

And you know what? When you’re icing your face, there’s a lot of things that’ll have to wait. I had time to stop, and center, and breath, and think…

And write. I’m back to writing and I’ve made a good start on my next book.

Building new patterns or going back to old ones- either way, one big WHAM! broke me out of my current spiral and put my feet back on the path of writing.

There are worse reasons to get a hit in the head from the Universe….

Catherine Kane


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