Online Dating (Games Writers Play)

Does your main character have no character to speak of? Do your supporting characters Romantic woman using laptoplack personality?

Then try signing your characters up for an online dating service…

Not literally, of course; but sit down with a blank page and try writing a short blurb that your character might write if he or she was trying to reach out and meet someone for romantic (or nefarious) purposes. Is he or she

  • modest?
  • bombastic?
  • cool?
  • truthful?
  • ridiculously self involved?

What does he emphasize about himself? What would she think would attract other people to her?

Don’t write a novella- just a compact ad that indicates what your character’s like and tries to sell him or her to others

This is a process that may give you more insight into your character and help develop it in a compact format

Catherine Kane


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