Chapter 14 Roughed Out…

…and chapter 15 underway.

I’ve written most of the easier chapters. I’m now onto the chapters that will take more thought and work to write, even in a rough draft. More points to cover. More complex ideas to explain. More things to think about before throwing them down on the page.

And more chapters to write. 17 becomes 18 and then 19 and then 20. Some are new ideas hands with laptop typing in nightthat come up as I write and that really need to be explored in their own particular space. Some are chapters that are so long that they need to be subdivided in order to maintain the flow of the book as a whole.

And still I keep writing.

and then serendipity takes a hand…

We’ve got a big snow storm coming in on Friday, and I’ve run around like a maniac on Thursday, getting all my home visits done so I don’t have to be out driving in a storm that’s getting some very irregular predictions. A long day, and the reports make it even longer, but 95% of it is done and, after a few last details, that leaves me with Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to write.

Snow day = writing day. Now lets see if I can catch up with my rapidly increasing manuscript and how close I can get to finishing my rough draft.

Wish me luck…

Catherine Kane


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