Position is Everything- Remember to Stretch

awhile back, I did a series of post on ergonomics for writers- about how the position you write in can hurt you or help you. And there’s another thing related to that which can save your body when you write

Remember to stop every now and again and shift your position or stretch.

When we write, we all have a tendency to lock ourselves into positions and disregard our bodies while we pound the keys. That’s understandable but can lead to aches, pains or even more serious problems like carpal tunnel syndrome  from being stuck in a position that strains muscles joints or other parts of the body.

If you notice that a good writing session leaves you stiff and achy (or to prevent getting to that point) stop and take a stretch break every so often

  • Push away from the desk.Romantic woman using laptop
  • Stand up
  • Stretch your hands high over your head
  • Bend over and let your back stretch out
  • rotate your wrists in one direction and then the other
  • stretch out your fingers
  • You might even want to walk to another room for a moment

If you find that you get so into your writing that you forget to stretch, set a timer and give yourself a stretch break to keep from getting all locked up. Your body will thank you and it may actually help you to write better

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Catherine Kane


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