Out of Order (Writing Quick Tip)

Having problems writing? Finding yourself stuck on a particular section? Then think about writing your article or book out of order.

If you have a beginning, end and route to get from one to the other in mind, you may find hands with laptop typing in nightthere are points where you get stuck on the journey.

Don’t worry. Mark that section in some way so that you’ll know where to come back to and zoom on ahead to write a future section that speaks to you more or is clearer in your mind. Some sections are just juicier than others and, when you’re stuck, it can be easier to write that section when you’re writing it as a bridge between two other scenes that are already written

It may take a little extra time in your edit to smooth the boundaries between the out of order scenes, but it’s usually still less time than you would spend staring at a screen and not writing

So if you’re stuck while you write, try writing out of order and see if that makes the pieces come together

Catherine Kane


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