Chapter 15 Roughed Out…

…and Chapter 16 as well, and I’ve started on Chapter 17

I’ve had a lot of urgent obstacles pop up. More clients at work. More problems to untangle. More situations that needed 10 phone calls when they should have only needed 1 or 2

and so I take a good look and then stop to beat out the forest fires and put the other things on a to do list so they won’t get losthands with laptop typing in night

and then I go back to writing

As previously noted, I’ve polished off the easier chapters and now I’m at work on the ones that take more thought and work to write. Longer. More complex. More complicated to make flow smoothly from one point to another

But still I’m writing. Slowly. bit by bit but I’m getting there

and it feels good to look at what I’ve done so far in comparison to what I’ve yet to do

So how’s your writing going?

Catherine Kane


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