Motivation To Write

I belong to an excellent online writing group where writers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience get together to hang out, share info about writing, ask for feedback on our projects and in general, support each other as writers.

Recently had a new member ask me (as an old war horse) how I keep the motivation to keep writing.

Now that is an excellent question.

Holding onto your motivation to keep writing is one of the big issues for most writers, Romantic woman using laptopand can make the difference between reaching your writing goals and collapsing in a whimpering little heap.

I answered his question, but it got me thinking-

and so, I’m going to do a series of posts here on motivation for writers

  • what it is
  • how we lose it
  • how we can keep it
  • and what to do when the flame flickers low…

Watch this space for posts on motivation coming up….

Catherine Kane


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