Chapter 17 – Rough Draft is Done…

…and Chapter 18 started. Only three more chapters to rough out before I start my first rewrite

(unless, of course, the book buds off another couple of chapters- something that has beenhands with laptop typing in night happening as I go along with this one…)

When I was writing some of my previous books, I’d find experiences popping up in my life that paralleled the topic I was writing about. When I was writing about dream work, I started getting more messages through dreams. When I was writing about manifestation, I started having more experiences of manifesting things that were out of what could ordinarily be expected.

The current book is a guide to living in challenging times and energetic ways to cope with that. I’ve been facing a lot of challenges in the past few years, and that’s part of my research for writing this, but, as I write, I’m having things pop up that do their best to get in the way of me writing.

It’s like being in a lifestyle traffic jam- start and stop, start and stop

but still I keep writing

They say that when you embark on the Hero’s Quest, one of the signs of this is that obstacles and opponents will pop up and try to stop you. In theory, they’re there to test your commitment to the quest, but also to build your muscle so that you are fitted for the challenges that lie ahead.

Now writing a book is not as big a Hero’s Quest as the quests of many others, but it does still share this characteristic

and so I write, and overcome a challenge, and write, and overcome an obstacle and on we go..

So how’s your quest?….

Catherine Kane


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