Position Is Everything- the Eyes Have It

Previously, I did a series of posts about ergonomics for writers- how to  set up your position when writing to protect your health and well being and how to adjust your environment to support that.

Was thinking about this recently and realized that there was one thing I had yet to touch on- your eyes. Your eyes are an important part of writing, and treating them properly can help you to write longer and better. Here’s some things you can do to support your eyes when you’re writing

  • Pay attention to what your eyes are trying to tell you. If they feel tired or itchy or Romantic woman using laptopstrained, you need to stop and take a break, (even if the chase scene is approaching its climax) Your writing will be there when you get back off of your break.
  • When you’re focused on a screen for an extended length of time, you can develop eye strain or even headaches. Stop typing for a minute or two and change your focus. Blink. Look at something in the distance. Close your eyes for a minute to rest them and then open them again
  • If your eyes feel itchy or hot, one possible explanation is allergies or things in the air. Check your eyes and see if you could use some eye drops to clear out irritations
  • If you find yourself squinting or straining your eyes a lot, a change of type may help. Some fonts are easier to read. Bigger letters can reduce eye strain. Experiment to find a font and size that’s easier on your eyes.

Take care of your eyes while you’re writing, and they’ll be ready to help you do great deeds of writing.

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Catherine Kane


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